Time for a new web site

So I have been telling myself I need to make my site responsive, mobile friendly and come up with something new for over a year or so. I keep thinking it’s gotta be perfect and have some really cool features and bells and whistles. Anyone who has ever had to create something for themselves knows just how hard it is to get it just right because it has to be perfect. Well, I decided I’ve been getting no where and fast.

Enter Destructive Design Mode

I decided that I am going to start redesigning my website in the open. That means it’s gonna look rough for a while and as I go along I will start to make it look better. I figure that letting myself website hang out unfinished in the open has got to be about the most embarrassing thing I could think of to light the fire and get this design train moving.

So in the next few weeks keep an eye out for some of the latest stuff I have been working on lately.