Old Man Pants

So I haven’t had a lot of time to make a lot of art. I’m also having trouble getting out to see what’s new. I feel like I might be wearing old man pants soon. Really, what’s been happening is that I’ve taken a step back to look at what is really important to me this year. I’ve been focused on becoming a better designer and being really good at that. I absolutely love to draw and paint, but I feel that the world is moving so fast right now that I need to spend some time with really learning how to add finesse to responsive web design.

We do a ton of great stuff at White Lion on the daily, but there are so many new things that come up every day. Mainly, how does it work and how do we create a process around it? I recently redesigned the White Lion website with the help of my team. We did a lot of cool stuff and added as many bells and whistles as we could along the way. We even created a fun page to help explain what responsive web design is all about. Additionally, they even sent me to the Artifact Conference earlier this year which was a designers paradise for things to come. You can read my recap on the White Lion blog.

It’s absolutely where the future lies. I just need to figure it out. In the near future I plan to redesign my site to really dive in and figure out this responsive web design mumbo jumbo.

So Long East Tour

All that being said, I decided to take a break from the East Austin Studio Tour this year. After about seven years on the tour, I feel like it may have run its course for me. I still love it, but this year I am looking forward to visiting other artist and walking away with a pant load in these old man slacks.


Charlie Chauvin Hustle Every Day

Above is my 2013 Arthouse 5×7 submission. It sold just like every other one I have donated to them. It’s amazing to me to think that people like these enough to want to keep buying them. From what I can remember, I’ve submitted at least nine and all have sold for $100 each to help benefit their organization. Wow!

Charlie Chauvin Just A Simple Dude

Above didn’t start out to be but ended up turning into somewhat of a self portrait. It’s probably the last piece I will have created as an East Austin Studio Tour participant from 2012.