Old Man Pants

So I haven’t had a lot of time to make a lot of art. I’m also having trouble getting out to see what’s new. I feel like I might be wearing old man pants soon. Really, what’s been happening is that I’ve taken a step back to look at what is really important to me […]

Without a Paddle?

About a month ago I was approached by David Lowe of Origin of Cool and asked to create a design for a ping pong paddle. I almost blew off the opportunity because I was just plain busy. I was also up a creek without an idea. I finally got it together and was surprised how […]

Enjoy the Ride – ArtCrank 2012

Did you make it to ArtCrank Austin 2012? If you did you may have noticed my poster below. It was a great event thanks to Charles Youel. I received tons of support and sold quite a few! I was even featured on the ATX Thillist write-up  about the ArtCrank show. I’ve still got a handful left, so if you […]

Love is Sweet, Like Candy Corn!

Man oh man, I haven’t posted anything here in a while. I promise I have been busy. Almost too busy. Here is a custom candy corn commission I did for a co-worker. I had some left over 5×7 art boards and they said, “I want candy corns – GO!” So this is what I came up with. […]

For Esme Barrera

My brother Larry Chauvin is a teacher at Casis Elementary, so I have been following the news closely on Esme Barrera’s unfortunate passing. Then just yesterday he asked if I could put a graphic together they could use to put on stuff in her honor. I did not know her but I kept hearing how […]